Prof. Dr. Jai Raj Awasthi

Attainment of education should have its core significance when its applicability proves worth being capable enough to efficiently face multifarious challenges of the present globalized world with respect to the intellectual journey, higher education should pave a concrete path to […]

Prof. Dr. Govinda Prasad Acharya

Established, directed and evaluated by a team of academicians with ample experience in the academic sectors, this institution has proved out to be a centre of excellence, where pupils are inspired to explore, analyze and apply the genres of learning […]

Prof. Dr. Keshav Kumar Shrestha

Education leads us towards the open path of perfection: It cannot be confined to the narrow periphery of bookish knowledge; it transcends the barriers of geography, culture, and the nation. Certainly, you will find Texas Network committed to the changes […]

Mr. Bhesh Raj Pokhrel

Let’s collaborate on our efforts to meet our educational goals and expectations. Through hard work and dedication, we know we can maximize our potential for definite success! In this connection, it is worth mentioning that the Texas network is a […]

Mr. Jitendra Kumar Bakhu

Let me express my sincere welcome to you all into the Texas Family. What the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow; this is the charm of education, a never-ending process of thesis, antithesis and synthesis, a circular movement. […]

Mr. Shyam Sundar Shrestha

Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed keeping hands in your pockets; neither it is a destination of a race that you run to overcome others. It is an effort for a long journey that we undertake to march […]